About Us

indoubt exists to bring the good news of Jesus to the relevant issues of everyday life and faith.

What is indoubt?

indoubt exists to bring the gospel to the relevant issues of life and faith that young adults face every day, cultivating conversation.

This is primarily achieved through a weekly radio/podcast show in which the indoubt host talks with recognized Christian leaders on various subjects including theology, art, relationships, mental health, marijuana, abortion, sexuality, and more.

Secondarily, indoubt serves this mission through articles and blogs, Bible studies for individual and group use, and live events - all for free. You can find these resources on this site.


Ep. 257: A Little Hope

So, what do we mean by gospel?

We believe that the gospel is the good and only news that any human can be saved from eternal punishment in and through Jesus Christ. We believe that the gospel proves our inherent inability to be good, and proves God’s incredible love and grace to enable us to be good in and through Christ. At indoubt, we want to bring the truths and principles from this gospel to the issues that young adults are facing. We believe that when this happens, we begin to think, act, and speak in ways that glorify God.

Why the name indoubt?

The name considers the state that many young adults find themselves in: in doubt. This isn’t just a reference to their faith, but many things. Young adults are in doubt about their relationships, their jobs, their schooling, and much more. Our hope is to come alongside young adults in their doubts and to provide these gospel-rich principles, truths, and applications to help them think critically and biblically.

If you have any questions about indoubt or have a suggestion of a topic or guest, email us at info@gngm.org