What’s Your Motivation for Life?



What’s your motivation for life? Why do you wake up? Why do you brush your teeth? Why do you drive on the right – or left – side of the road?


What’s compelling you to do the things you do? The little, monotonous things and the big, serious things?

Behind every thought, word, and action is a motivator.

Now, there are many times when we don’t cognitively think of how our motivators are bringing us to specific actions. For example, when I’m driving to work I’m not constantly thinking, “My motivation for abiding by the rules of the road is because I don’t want to hurt myself, I don’t want to hurt others, and I’m the type of person that enjoys following rules.”


Other times, we think heavily on our motivations. For example, there have been times in my personal ministry life when I’ve had to think, “Am I only doing this for myself, or because it’s God’s plan?”

Soli Deo Gloria

But just for a moment, I want to remind us of the principle motivation for all of life:

To glorify God.

Underneath every thought, word, or action – whether seemingly insignificant or incredibly important – we ought to be motivated to glorify God.


Paul, in 1 Corinthians 10:31, writes, “So, whether you eat or drink, or whatever you do, do all to the glory of God.” Even the small and routinely things we do – like eating and drinking – are to be done to the glory of God.

What does this mean?

Thinking, speaking, and acting to the glory of God means doing all to promote Him.


That’s our motivation in life – to promote God. Not like the guy dressed in a pizza outfit dancing on the side of the road while pointing to a restaurant. That’s superficial. It’s not real. He’s simply doing that because it’s his job. Sure, maybe he really does like the pizza at the restaurant, but I’m pretty sure he’s getting out of that outfit as soon as his shift is over.


A godly promotion of God happens when one who’s been so enraptured by God can’t help but do everything in his power to say, “God is good.” Not just at church. Not just at Bible Study. Not just during devotions.


All the time.

To give glory to God is to live out the phrase “God is good” in everything we do at all times.

Maybe you’re not in that place (I’m not, but I hope to be someday), but you can get there. What it takes is to be more enraptured by God, and to make a habit of remembering God throughout the day.


Like any relationship, the applications are always the same:


– Listen to Him (read the Bible)


– Talk to Him (pray)


– Love Him (dedicate time, energy, talent, and money to know and experience Him more)


May we pray that we become Christians who can say:

“The motivation for my life is to glorify God because I know and have experienced that God is worth it all.”


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