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Daniel Markin is an indoubt host while also studying in the Immerse Program and serving as the Pastoral Intern for the Young Adults Ministry of Northview Church in Abbotsford, BC.

Ep. 271: Created in His Image


This week we visit with Pastor Paul Park born in South Korea and now a lead pastor of a large evangelical congregation in British Columbia, Pastor Paul shares a biblical perspective on racism. If

Ep. 271: Created in His Image2021-10-03T20:54:31-07:00

Ep. 270: Sanctity of Life, Beginning and End


As we enter the world and as we depart, the sanctity of life is equally precious in the eyes of the Lord. Take some time as Daniel speaks with an international pro-life advocate, author

Ep. 270: Sanctity of Life, Beginning and End2021-10-03T20:54:32-07:00

Ep. 269: Outdated


Spend time with the author of the new book, "Outdated", and Pastor Jonathan Pokluda as he shares his thoughts and insights with Daniel regarding a biblical perspective of dating, relationships, singleness... and does away

Ep. 269: Outdated2021-10-03T20:54:37-07:00

Ep. 268: Living Inside the Living Word


Join Daniel and guest Gretchen Englund as they discuss what it means to be an authentic follower of Jesus. How do I understand what that means in my daily life? And how do I

Ep. 268: Living Inside the Living Word2021-10-03T20:54:39-07:00

Ep. 264: Focusing on Jesus in a Distracted World


Have you considered what it means to be a leader? Quality leaders, people you trust, people you would choose to emulate for their integrity, wisdom, character seem to be in short supply. Join indoubt

Ep. 264: Focusing on Jesus in a Distracted World2021-10-03T20:54:46-07:00

Ep. 262: Young Marriage Under Pressure


In these days of a pandemic, marriage is under pressure as never before. Join daniel and Co-Director of Family Life Canada as they discuss the unique and difficult challenges faced in young marriages, but

Ep. 262: Young Marriage Under Pressure2021-10-03T20:54:48-07:00

Ep. 261: Ready, Set, Go


In the global village we live in, for some, it is hard to imagine where one might be sent to share the gospel for the first time. Caleb and Raquel Enns are preparing to

Ep. 261: Ready, Set, Go2021-10-03T20:54:50-07:00

Ep. 257: A Little Hope


Phil Callaway is a prolific author, speaker, and radio host of Back to the Bible Canada's Laugh Again. Phil has a gift for storytelling and helping people rediscover the hope and joy that can

Ep. 257: A Little Hope2021-10-03T20:55:03-07:00

Ep. 253: Christian Online Dating


Spend time with Daniel and special guest Angie Velasquez Thornton as they discuss first hand their experience of online dating and how we as Christians ought to consider navigating this increasingly popular tool for

Ep. 253: Christian Online Dating2021-10-03T20:55:06-07:00

Ep. 252: Cuties


The film Cuties, award-winning, acclaimed, yet in the midst of striving to critique the culture we live in and the over-sexualization of children does the movie succeed or even further sexually exploit the children

Ep. 252: Cuties2021-10-03T20:55:07-07:00
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