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Episode 275: Understanding Youth Homelessness


When it comes to science, philosophy, and reason, does it make sense to believe in Christianity? Well, yes. Justin Brierley joins us on the show this week to talk about his new book Unbelievable? Why After Ten Years of Talking With Atheists I'm Still a Christian.

Episode 275: Understanding Youth Homelessness2021-10-03T20:54:21-07:00

Re-Air Ep. 105: Abortion and Christianity


Approximately 100,000 abortions happen a year in Canada. The subject of abortion can be difficult to talk about – including within the church. Many Christians are quite apathetic towards the whole issue. Sure, with

Re-Air Ep. 105: Abortion and Christianity2021-10-03T20:54:35-07:00

For my Young Adult Friends: Reset


Are you deciding something? Do you need wisdom or help with a relationship? Is the pandemic world just too much or just too strange? Maybe you are simply wondering — where is God? God is

For my Young Adult Friends: Reset2021-10-03T20:54:39-07:00

No Longer Broke


This article was first seen on Laughagain.us. Written by Phil Callaway.   Are you broke? If your tires are balder than your great granddad, and you’re reusing coffee grounds, you are broke. If you find

No Longer Broke2021-05-05T15:33:41-07:00

Ep. 267: Making Life Rich


There are over 1.6 Billion websites on how to get rich quick... but if money made us happy, we'd be the richest culture in history. Guest host Ben Lowell talks with Phil Callaway, author

Ep. 267: Making Life Rich2021-10-03T20:54:43-07:00

One Way to Lead Different Right Now


This article was first seen on ArrowLeadership.org. Written by Dr. Steve Brown. It’s only been a few days since we said “good riddance” to 2020, but already this new year doesn’t feel like a fresh

One Way to Lead Different Right Now2021-10-03T20:54:46-07:00

How to Overcome Guilt and Experience the Joy of Your Meaningful Life


This article was first seen on MichaelCSherrard.com. Written by Michael Sherrard. Our sin has condemned us, and rightly so. We have hurt others, and worse, we have sinned against God. We have committed “cosmic treason”

How to Overcome Guilt and Experience the Joy of Your Meaningful Life2021-10-03T20:54:47-07:00

Abide in Me


During the COVID-19 pandemic, we have constantly been encouraged to socially distance ourselves from family, friends and loved ones. We’ve been reminded with signs entering any store or restaurant, we’ve seen illustrations all over the

Abide in Me2021-10-05T20:33:28-07:00

Ep. 249: Shifting Culture


Isaac, Daniel, and guest Care Baldwin enter into a discussion about current events, how do we as the church as individual Christians work through the reality of a worldwide pandemic? And then, how do

Ep. 249: Shifting Culture2021-10-03T20:56:13-07:00

Is the Bible Reliable?


Many people question all sorts of things about the reliability of the Biblical Canon – how can we trust the gospel books about Jesus’ life to be accurate? What is the relevance of OT and

Is the Bible Reliable?2021-10-03T20:56:14-07:00
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