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Isaac Dagneau is one of the indoubt hosts. He also serves as the Lead Pastor at North Valley Baptist Church in Mission, BC.

EP. 074 – Doing Justice in the Ordinary


We're excited to be talking with pastor and author Tony Merida this week on the issue of how we, as Christians, can do justice in the ordinary things of life. Often we can think (and I'm guilty of this) that justice and mercy ministries take away from "gospel," but Tony quickly diminishes that idea by explaining that the gospel is what empowers us to do justice.

EP. 074 – Doing Justice in the Ordinary2021-11-02T14:40:36-07:00

Episode 098: Still a Christian (Despite the Arguments)


When it comes to science, philosophy, and reason, does it make sense to believe in Christianity? Well, yes. Justin Brierley joins us on the show this week to talk about his new book Unbelievable? Why After Ten Years of Talking With Atheists I'm Still a Christian.

Episode 098: Still a Christian (Despite the Arguments)2021-10-03T20:54:22-07:00

Episode 096: God Knows All Things


God knows all things. The fancy word for this is "omniscience." It's one of God's incommunicable attributes, and it's the attribute of God we discuss in more depth during this conversation. Author and speaker Jen Wilkin joins us to talk about her book None Like Him, specifically looking at God's all-knowingness.

Episode 096: God Knows All Things2021-10-03T20:54:23-07:00

Ep. 091: What Movies Should I Watch?


[fsn_row][fsn_column width="12"][fsn_text] There are very few people that don’t enjoy watching movies/TV shows. It’s become such a normal and regular part of our lives. Throwing up Netflix on a Tuesday evening before you go to

Ep. 091: What Movies Should I Watch?2021-10-03T20:54:26-07:00

Ep. 087: Church is Uncomfortable (and Essential)


The church is uncomfortable. Especially having been seasoned since birth in our consumeristic culture, the church community can feel extremely weird and odd. Why? Because to do church well means to look not at

Ep. 087: Church is Uncomfortable (and Essential)2021-10-03T20:54:29-07:00

Ep. 081: Spiritual Disciplines


It’s safe to say that one of the major reasons for the general lack of zeal and fervency among evangelical Christians today is because of, the lack of spiritual disciples in our lives. What

Ep. 081: Spiritual Disciplines2021-10-03T20:54:30-07:00

No, You Don’t Need to Be an Expert


I Feel Stupid. I become easily intrigued and fascinated when it comes to apologetic arguments. Whenever I listen to or watch apologists, I often think, “Wow! I definitely didn’t know that!”  For the Christian, apologetics

No, You Don’t Need to Be an Expert2021-10-05T20:05:53-07:00

Ep. 073:Understanding the Popular Worldviews


There are hundreds and hundreds of worldviews out there (a worldview being how one “sees” the world). You could even say that there are as many worldviews as there are people, since every person

Ep. 073:Understanding the Popular Worldviews2021-10-03T20:54:33-07:00
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