How to Start a Biblical Friendship


You start biblical friendships by wanting Jesus and wanting friends to want and gain Jesus, and then by being awkwardly intentional. I believe that if we saw more Christians being serious about biblical friendships, then there would be less lonely people in our gatherings.

How to Start a Biblical Friendship2021-11-23T16:06:18-08:00

The Relevance Trap


I began ministry in an age that emphasized relevance to the world. Earlier ministries seemed, well, churchy. The answer: make the church friendly to outsiders. Emphasize relevance. Make unbelievers feel comfortable within the church. Market

The Relevance Trap2021-11-17T15:30:56-08:00

The Loneliness Epidemic


I could see their lips moving, but the words were muffled. I leaned in trying harder to hear what they were saying, even though I knew what they were saying. It felt like I was

The Loneliness Epidemic2021-10-05T16:56:27-07:00

No, You Don’t Need to Be an Expert


I Feel Stupid. I become easily intrigued and fascinated when it comes to apologetic arguments. Whenever I listen to or watch apologists, I often think, “Wow! I definitely didn’t know that!”  For the Christian, apologetics

No, You Don’t Need to Be an Expert2021-10-05T20:05:53-07:00

Abortion and Transformation


I recently sat down with author and speaker Stephanie Gray. Stephanie travels the world to speak on abortion – in fact, just last year she was speaking at Google headquarters. We talked about abortion and

Abortion and Transformation2021-10-05T20:16:28-07:00

For my Young Adult Friends: Reset


Are you deciding something? Do you need wisdom or help with a relationship? Is the pandemic world just too much or just too strange? Maybe you are simply wondering — where is God? God is

For my Young Adult Friends: Reset2021-10-03T20:54:39-07:00

No Longer Broke


This article was first seen on Written by Phil Callaway.   Are you broke? If your tires are balder than your great granddad, and you’re reusing coffee grounds, you are broke. If you find

No Longer Broke2021-05-05T15:33:41-07:00
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