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  • January 23, 2017

Ep. 054: The Medieval Period (Church History Pt.2)

With and Isaac Dagneau

Church History in the Medieval Period

We’re joined again this week by Dr. Michael Haykin from The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary to finish our mini 2-week series on the early church in the Patristic Era and the Medieval Period. This week we’ll be digging into church history in the Medieval period. This, as Dr. Haykin will explain, isn’t necessarily a “glorious” period, as things like Bible illiteracy, the rise of Islam, and political power in the church abound. Dr. Michael Haykin will join us again in a few months to finish our church history lesson with one more mini 2-week series focusing on the Reformation and the Modern Era.

We hope you enjoyed our interview with Dr. Michael Haykin on church history in the Medieval Period. To listen to Dr. Haykin talk about the Patristic Era, click here.

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