Published On: July 5, 2021222 words1.2 min read

There are hundreds and hundreds of worldviews out there (a worldview being how one “sees” the world). You could even say that there are as many worldviews as there are people, since every person sees the world slightly differently. A few of the most popular, at least in the West, are naturalism, secularism, and postmodern relativism. You may have heard of one or more of these, but what what do they actually look like? How do they work? Steve Kim from Apologetics Canada joins us again to help us understand worldviews better. To conclude, Steve also lists 5 tips on engaging non-Christians with “worldview” questions.


Who’s Our Guest?

Steve Kim

Steve is a follower of Christ with a heart for apologetics which he views as the “intellectual care of the soul.” He serves from the Edmonton area. In his early 20s, Steve experienced a faith crisis due to intellectual undernourishment. Through this experience, he has come to see apologetics as the “intellectual care of the soul” and now feels a personal burden to walk with others who may be struggling with doubt and/or seeking sincerely. Steve holds a diploma in Worship Arts and a BA in Biblical Studies from Columbia Bible College in Abbotsford, BC. He has completed a master’s degree in Christian Apologetics through Biola University in La Mirada, CA.


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