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Spend time with the author of the new book, “Outdated”, and Pastor Jonathan Pokluda as he shares his thoughts and insights with Daniel regarding a biblical perspective of dating, relationships, singleness… and does away with cultural myths about marriage. “There’s all of these things, these 66 books of instruction from the Lord that He directs us in that we should know and apply to our relationships. And as we do that, we walk by faith and He leads us.”


Who’s Our Guest?

Jonathan Pokluda

Jonathan “JP” Pokluda is the Lead Pastor of Harris Creek Baptist Church in Waco, TX. He was formerly the leader of The Porch in Dallas, TX which grew to be the largest weekly young adult gathering of its kind in the country. JP didn’t come to understand the grace of the Gospel until his early twenties after being involved in different denominational churches his entire life. This ignited a desire in him to inspire young adults to radically follow Jesus Christ and unleash them to change the world.


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