Ep. 51: Why Study the Bible? | indoubt

Ep. 51: Why Study the Bible?

This week on indoubt we want to begin the New Year by encouraging you to read through the Bible in 2021. This daily discipline will transform your understanding and relationship with Jesus. Join Isaac and The Bible Projects, Tim Mackie. This week on the show we ask the question: why study the Bible? Tim has…

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Ep. 104: The Reliable Bible | indoubt

Ep. 104: The Reliable Bible

Many questions arise when one considers the Bible. For example, “Why are there contradictions?” “If this is really the Word of God, why isn’t it clearer?” and “Why are we putting so much trust in these books when they’re not even the originals, but copies of copies of copies?” These are valid questions that many…

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EP 103 - Does God Even Care?

Ep. 103: Does God Even Care?

“How can God be good if there’s so much suffering in the world?” This is an age-old question that’s caused much conversation over the years – and we want to add to it. This week we will begin airing a mini 2-week series with Dr. Andreas Köstenberger. The purpose of these two weeks is to…

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We Can Trust Our Bibles

This week on our radio/podcast show we had a conversation with Dr. Andreas Köstenberger on the reliability of the Bible. Below is a skeptic quote from a popular agnostic professor (Bart D. Ehrman) about the Bible, and then a response from Andreas. The quote, I think, reveals something that many skeptics and even Christians struggle…

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Netflix or Nehemiah?

Reading Speed The average person reads at a pace of about 200 words a minute (I just did an online test and achieved 198 words a minute).   What this means is that the average person could read up to 6,000 words in half an hour, or 12,000 in just an hour.   Here’s a…

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