Ep. 228: What is Outrage Culture?

Why is it that so many people today get offended easily, even going out of their way to find something to be offended about? At times, it feels like you can’t share even the mildest opinion for fear that someone around you will get upset. This week, Isaac is going to be speaking with pastor and author Scott Sauls about just that, the prevalence of outrage culture in our society today.

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Ep. 062: Who are You Listening to?

This episode is more than simply asking: who are you listening to? We really dive into the subject of life-long learning. To join me in this task is Executive Editor at DesiringGod, David Mathis. In addition to being a husband, father, pastor, and editor at DesiringGod, David spends a lot of time writing articles on…

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Ep. 036: The Christian and Alcohol

The Christian and Alcohol: Like all things in this world, it’s crucial to think biblically, critically, and prayerfully about them. This includes alcohol. Popular blogger and author Tim Challies joins us for a conversation on Christians and alcohol.

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Ep. 252: Cuties - indoubt

Ep. 252: Cuties

The film Cuties, award-winning, acclaimed, yet in the midst of striving to critique the culture we live in and the over-sexualization of children does the movie succeed or even further sexually exploit the children it’s striving to protect. This week we discuss Cuties and a culture of sexualization that we live in with indoubt host…

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Ep. 244: Heaven & "The Good Place"

Ep. 244: Heaven & “The Good Place”

Have you ever heard of the tv sitcom “The Good Place”? It’s an unusual spin on Heaven, how you get there and what it looks like when you arrive. “The Good Place” is an interesting comedy, but is their image of Heaven accurate? I don’t think so. Join host Isaac Dagneau and guest Steve Kim…

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Sex - Ep. 224: What is Sex? with Preston Sprinkle on the indoubt Podcast

Ep. 224: What is Sex?

Preston Sprinkle and Daniel talk through the question what is sex, and discuss the relationship between our sexuality and our self-expression to honour God.

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