How to Start a Biblical Friendship


You start biblical friendships by wanting Jesus and wanting friends to want and gain Jesus, and then by being awkwardly intentional. I believe that if we saw more Christians being serious about biblical friendships, then there would be less lonely people in our gatherings.

How to Start a Biblical Friendship2021-11-23T16:06:18-08:00
  • Friendship - Jonathan Holmes - indoubt Podcast

Ep. 186: What Does It Mean To Be A Friend?


What is biblical friendship? How do we grow in friendships that glorify God? This week we talk with guest, Jonathan Holmes, about biblical friendship.

Ep. 186: What Does It Mean To Be A Friend?2021-10-03T20:57:21-07:00

Episode 116: Biblical Friendship


We have too many connections and too little intentional biblical friendships in life. What is a biblical friendship? How do we start them? How to we keep them and grow them? This week we hear a presentation given by indoubt's host, Isaac Dagneau, at this year's Apologetics Canada Conference on biblical friendship.

Episode 116: Biblical Friendship2021-10-03T20:58:54-07:00
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