How to Start a Biblical Friendship


You start biblical friendships by wanting Jesus and wanting friends to want and gain Jesus, and then by being awkwardly intentional. I believe that if we saw more Christians being serious about biblical friendships, then there would be less lonely people in our gatherings.

How to Start a Biblical Friendship2021-11-23T16:06:18-08:00
  • Change - indoubt Article - We Need to Change by Isaac Dagneau

We Need to Change


We need to change from Christians who see faith as one compartment of their life to Christians who let faith in Jesus influence all of their life.

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  • Peace - Don't Look for Peace article by Joshua Scott

Don’t Look for Peace


I want to encourage you to do what might feel a little counterproductive. Don’t go looking for peace. Go looking for Jesus.

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  • King - Jesus: The King of 2020 indoubt article by Joshua Scott

Jesus: The King of 2020


Paul saw our Lord as “the King of the Ages,” not just the of the Old Testament Age, or even simply of the New Testament Age. He’s the King of every Age. 

Jesus: The King of 20202021-10-03T20:56:57-07:00
  • Why I Left the Mormon Church to Follow Jesus by Lynn Wilder - indoubt Article

Why I Left the Mormon Church to Follow Jesus, by Lynn Wilder


This article was originally published on Premier Christianity, The Christian: Why I Left the Mormon Church to Follow Jesus. _______________ During my 30 years as a Mormon, I sincerely believed that mystical ‘spiritual experiences’ aligned

Why I Left the Mormon Church to Follow Jesus, by Lynn Wilder2021-10-03T20:57:38-07:00

Episode 154: Christmas Time is Here with Dr. John Neufeld


In this week’s episode, Ryan has the opportunity to talk with Canadian Bible Teacher, Dr. John Neufeld, about the need to recognize the focus which should be on the true narrative of Christmas – the coming of Christ to fulfill the prophecy of redemption. Ryan and Dr. John also discuss the origins of Christmas and why most of us find ourselves celebrating on December 25th.

Episode 154: Christmas Time is Here with Dr. John Neufeld2021-10-03T20:58:05-07:00

Episode 139: Christianity is Exclusive?


Many Christians claim that Christianity is exclusive - and we believe that to be the truth. But what exactly does that mean? Are there different aspects to it? With us to walk us through the exclusivity of Christianity is Derek Rishmawy.

Episode 139: Christianity is Exclusive?2021-10-03T20:58:22-07:00

“Jesus Said What?” A Look at John 14:13-14


“Jesus said what? That can’t be right.” At first glance and without context, John 14:13-14 sounds like the ticket to all the happiness in the world! Yet, this ticket is quickly crumbled up and thrown on the ground when it seemingly proves untrue. However, upon reading it in its context we will find that it’s absolutely true and quite exciting.

“Jesus Said What?” A Look at John 14:13-142018-07-18T11:00:39-07:00

Holy Thinking


To be a Christian is to be actively involved in holy thinking. A kind of thinking that seeks pure, perfect, and powerful worship of God - devoid of sin.

Holy Thinking2021-10-03T20:58:49-07:00
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