Ep. 252: Cuties - indoubt

Ep. 252: Cuties

The film Cuties, award-winning, acclaimed, yet in the midst of striving to critique the culture we live in and the over-sexualization of children does the movie succeed or even further sexually exploit the children it’s striving to protect. This week we discuss Cuties and a culture of sexualization that we live in with indoubt host…

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Sex - Ep. 224: What is Sex? with Preston Sprinkle on the indoubt Podcast

Ep. 224: What is Sex?

Preston Sprinkle and Daniel talk through the question what is sex, and discuss the relationship between our sexuality and our self-expression to honour God.

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Ep. 159: Sexuality. Identity. Hospitality. Food. | Pt. 1

When someone asks you who you are, how do you answer? Joining the indoubt Podcast this week is the author of ‘The Secret Thoughts of an Unlikely Convert,’ Rosaria Butterfield. You’ll hear about her life-changing story, the power of an invitation, and ways to overcome your own struggle of identity.

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Ep. 137: Fighting Porn with Purpose

Obviously God frees people from porn addiction in miraculous ways, but often times he’ll use practical helps to heal our brokenness (which is still a miracle by the way). Joining us is Digital Communication Specialist at Covenant Eyes, Lisa Eldred, who’s recently written a book on fighting porn with purpose.

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